Quality Audit

Continuous quality improvement thanks to controls

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An Audit is the ultimate check

The minimum standards 

Measure the core of your retail/dealer/ shop location by using hard data and gain direct insights on pos materials, brand compliance, pricing and stock levels.

The essential aspects each contain a list of minimum standards that these essential aspects must meet. Thanks to a quality audit you can have these checked. 


Plan of approach 

  • Drawing up the checklist or questionnaire, based on your needs and our expertise
  • Determining the number of controls (audits), in which period and where
  • Training and briefing of the auditors
  • Programming of the questionnaire in tablets and the corresponding apps  

Online Dashboard

  • 24/7 available
  • Laptop, mobile and/or tablet
  • Quick analyzes
  • Scores on total and at dealer level
  • PDF report per dealer
  • English and local languagePictures taken on site during reporting 

Insights Management Reports

  • Analyzes and conclusions
  • Advice, recommendations and actionable improvements
  • Ranking of dealers
  • Strategic and at dealer level
  • Visual and narrative
  • Quotes of mystery shoppers
  • Comparison between different periods (waves)24/7 available

Insights Management Reports

  • Presentation of research results
  • Visual and narrative
  • Infographics available on country level + HQ level or per dealer
  • Scorecards possible