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CJ - CX 

The Customer Journey (CJ) contains the journey or the journey a customer makes through the offline and online touchpoints of your company. Customer Experience (CX) represents how customers experience this journey. It is the collection of all experiences and emotions towards your services or products.  

Both are inextricably linked. 

The ultimate goal is that you let the customer take a journey towards a specific goal (funneling) and that this journey is made in the most pleasant way (delightful!). 

To help you realise this objective, you can consider the following studies to measure experiences correctly and arrive at the most relevant insights: 

Customer Journey Research 

The research method we offer is unique thanks to ExperienceCapture, an award-winning research method for mapping out the entire journey, linked to conscious and unconscious emotions: 

Customer Experience Research 

Several types of research can be used to measure negative and positive experiences in order to optimise the customer journey. The link below features our multiple services.

Mystery Shopping Research