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Mystery Shopping Research

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Mystery Shopping tells a true story about your customer service

With Mystery Shopping it is possible to measure in the moment to find out exactly what happened. By measuring in the moment with mystery shoppers, we can gain much more and deeper insights into customer experiences. Not only things that are important for the customer, but also strategically important for your organization.

The Customer Journey is nothing more than a Customer's Journey 'towards and through an organization'. How customers experience this journey depends on many factors. Because as simple as it sounds, it is so difficult in practice to find out how a customer actually experiences his of her Customer Journey and which moments influence the experience. A proven effective method for this is the use of Mystery Shopping Research.

Our services

Mystery Shopping Research​

Your customers' experience of their journey depends on many factors. The moment of truth can lurk in an unexpected corner. Our mystery shoppers reveal it to you.

Mystery Calling​

Mystery Calling Research will gain you insights in the experience of your customers when speaking to your employees.

Online Mystery Shopping Research​

Online Mystery Shopping exposes bottlenecks in your website or webshop, so you can improve the online User Experience of your customers.

Employee Experience

Examine the attitude and behavior of your employees and their underlying motives by using Ultimality’s scientific EX research method.

Feedback Mystery Shopping​

In this form of Mystery Shopping Research, our mystery shoppers make themselves known directly to your employee, offering live feedback about the way they have been helped after their visit.

Ultimality's greatest asset is their customer-oriented approach. I was very satisfied, also about the tools such as the dashboard and the management reports with tips and ideas.”

Wouter Fonteyne - Commercial Leader - Solar & Energy Services - Ikea

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